Online Poker Digital CRM Prototype

My role was Business Analyst and Project Manager with Virtualyty engaging with the client.

An industry with endemic and systemic problems.

(Excerpted from original SOR (statement of requirements) document)

6 month trend

There is a considerable amount of concern and mistrust from on-line players about the games being rigged in various forms. Pokerscout (on line Poker trade analysis) shows most sites on the web have highly critical reviews, and low scores.

On Line Poker organisations do not make their money from the Player’s fortunes, however. The ‘Rake’ or table fee is where site takes a fixed fee from the Winnings – and that is where the revenue for sites like the prospect’s are made.


Business Case & Drivers

The key drivers for the deliverables in scope are to raise the reputation of the brands and to retain customers. This may result in customer acquisition but this is not considered to be a key driver.
Additionally, Players who play longer per unit of stake will deliver more revenue from increased rakes.

Opportunities to cross-sell or up-sell were not considered to be core parts of the business case, for the client’s purposes. They were fully recognised by those on the Virtualyty team.


  • To retain customers by suggesting games where they have a chance of winning the pot – or know the risks of entering a given game.
  • To encourage Players to play in an environment that is suitable for their playing ability and experience – thereby increasing rake revenue as the amount of hands a player will play per ‘stake dollar’ will increase.
  • To inform Customers of where they are in any given competition.
    To deliver these objectives in the form of a virtual concierge or avatar.


• Virtual Concierge or Avatar
• Leader Board Position
• Cash Game Suggestions based on Player Level
• Competition Suggestions based on Player Level

General Discussion of Solutions.

Virtual Concierge or Avatar

The Avatar must fit into a space mandated by the Prospect’s Poker Client (see below). Central space, plus the space occupied by ‘Irish Winter Festival Banner’
poker client